Guest lecture 3in1 program “Language Program and Management ” by Dr. Philippe Grangé (INSTITUTE FRANÇAIS D’INDONÉSIE – IFI)

Master’s Programme in Linguistics Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a Guest Lecture with the theme “Competition between national and regional languages in Europe and its implications to French language teaching” by Dr. Philippe Grangé (Linguistic Cooperation Attaché INSTITUTE FRANÇAIS D’INDONÉSIE – IFI). This activity is part of the 3in1 Program which was held on Wednesday (11/10/2021) online through the Zoom Meeting platform.

The presenter gave an overview of the history and changes of languages ​​in Europe. It also explained about the variety of languages ​​that exist in Europe and how the position of the Regional Language and National Language or Official Language. Furthermore, the speaker also linked language with the identity of the nations in Europe. The standardization of French as the National Language was also an important point in this session’s material. Next, the speaker explained the approach to teaching French in Indonesia.