Modules and Qualification Awarded

Graduate Qualification

Students are declared to graduate from the Master’s Programme in Linguistics if:

  1. They have taken at least 36 credits. Education and Culture Ministerial Decree stipulated a minimum of 36 credits for postgraduate consisting of 30 credits of compulsory courses, 10 credits on Core Courses on linguistics, and 10 credits on Core Courses on educational linguistics, 10 credits of Core Courses on Translation and Interpreting, and 4 credits of elective courses.
  2. They have a minimum score of 3.00 of 4.00 for their Cumulative GPA (IP/Indeks Prestasi).
  3. There is no E scores for each course.
  4. They achieve a minimum score of B for their postgraduate thesis

The degree awarded to graduates of the Master’s Programme in Linguistics, Department of Languages and Literature, Faculty of Cultural Studies is M.Li.  (Master of Linguistics).







Thesis Registration

Requirements for students who will take the final project

  1. Students are active in the academic year concerned.
  2. Have taken a minimum of 36 credits.
  3. GPA (Gradual Achievement Index) minimum 3.00.
  4. Have taken a linguistic seminar course at least get a B grade.
  5. The final project should be completed within 6 months from taking the thesis course in the KRS (Study Plan Card) at SIAM (Student Academic Information System).
  6. The extension of the thesis completion time must include the approval of the Head of the Study Programme.