Graduate Profile

  1. Researcher in Language Documentation
    Have knowledge of phonetics/phonology, morphosyntax, semantics/pragmatics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, able to conduct language survey, able to do fieldwork in linguistics.
  2. Language Teacher
    Have knowledge of cross-language comparisons and of cross-language society, able to design curriculum development, materials, tests for first language or second language learning.
  3. Translator
    Able to translate documents from various fields from government to courts.
  4. Researcher in Interdisciplinary Research in Linguistics
    Able to apply linguistics knowledge to perform research in interdisciplinary study involving linguistics, such as in forensic linguistics, psycholinguistics.
  5. Policy makers in language related fields
    Able to design policies for language related fields.

Accordingly, the graduates of the MPL can work in following fields:
(1) education, in secondary schools or universities as language teachers,
(2) language research, in the centres of language research or in universities,
(3) translation, in public or private sectors requiring the service of translators or working as independent translators.
(4) Policy making, in government agencies requiring the service of policy makers in language related fields.