Alumni Data


No. Name Thesis Title Current Occupation
1. Christian Edison Bani, M.Li. Examining The Relationship of Parental Guidance on Vocabulary Achievement in An Indonesian Efl Elementary Education Setting English Teacher at Worldbridge Language Center, Malang and Bina Budi Mulia Secondary School, Malang
2. Lusi Susanti, M.Li. The Use of Google Classroom to Increase Semantic Skills in Reading Staff at Outside The Domicile (PDD) Study Programme Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu, State Polytechnic of Pontianak
3. Alifa Camilia Fadillah, M.Li. Re-examining Indonesian English as Indonesian’s New Variety: A Corpus Study Assistant Lecturer at the Master’s Programme in Linguistics, Faculty of Cultural Studies



No. Name Thesis Title Current Occupation
1. Asa Wisesa Betari, M.Li. The Representation of Zakir Naik: A Study of Western and Eastern Media English Lecturer at State Polytechnic of Malang



No. Name Thesis Title Current Occupation
1. Andi Indah Yulianti, M.Li. The Naming of Villages by Dayak Ethnics in Central Kalimantan: An Ethnolinguistic Study Linguistics Researcher at Language Centre of South Sulawesi, Indonesia
2. Ressi Maulidina Delijar, M.Li. Language Attitude and Behavior of Basa Osing Speakers in Banyuwangi Sub-district Mandarin Lecturer at Universitas Brawijaya
3. Dwi Ira Dwiningrum Ana Mardiana, M.Li. Javanese Isogloss in Border of Malang Regency and Blitar Regency Assistant Lecturer
4. Devi Kurniasari Riyadi, M.Li. Developing Instructional Game “Adventure of Word” to Improve Morphological Awareness on Students of Politeknik Kota Malang English Lecturer at Malang City Polytechnic
5. Amanda Vira Maharani, M.Li. The Effectiveness of and Students’ Perceptions on Flipped Classroom in Indonesian Undergraduate EFL Writing Performance English Lecturer (part-timer) at Universitas Brawijaya
6. Khilmi Mauliddian, M.Li. Public Signs of Javanese Language in Pandalungan Dialect Area: Local Linguistic Landscape Study In Probolinggo City Lecturer of BIPA and MKU Indonesian Academic at Universitas Brawijaya,  Ph.D Candidate in Descriptive Linguistic at Sebelas Maret University



No. Name Thesis Title Current Occupation
1. Ermina Toliang, M.Li. Phonological Differences in the Sub-Dialect of Dayak Desa Dawak and Dayak Desa Belungai English Lecturer at State Polytechnic of Pontianak
2. Elisabeth Worobroto Purwaningrum, M.Li. Foreign Language Anxiety of Undergraduate Students at Japanese Literature Study Program Faculty of Cultural Studies Brawijaya University Japanese Lecturer at Universitas Brawijaya